Window cleaning with newspaper, Cleaning floor mats, Protecting new OEM rims -DG Mail Call #4

This is a scheduled release of Chemical Guys YouTube Series “Detail Garage”. This episode is a mail call where answer your questions and give you tips from t…

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    • teccec:

      For future season suggestions, I’d suggest asking your customers/viewers
      for the type of car(s) they have and the unique needs of each. I’ve owned
      a number of cars, but the one I’d submit is a Harley Davidson F250 pickup.
      Ford had bad paint my year and I have what looks like oxidation on upper
      cab corners, as well as the opposing front/half-back doors chipping the
      paint at the top where they sometimes sit too close to each other. I also
      have the polished wheels and a huge, difficult to reach hood. Interior is
      black carpet, black plastic, black leather. Exterior is black and
      charcoal, with striping and chrome, plus a sprayed in bedliner and plastic
      bug-shield on the front of the hood.

      You could pick a handful of vehicle types then spend an episode or three on
      each, giving full instruction on how to care for that particular vehicle.

    • Bruce Austin:

      Thanks for staying positive in the face of so many haters!!! You guys rock,
      keep up the great videos and excellent products! Plus I’m sure the guys
      would like to see more of Jen ;)

    • Dermot Carroll:

      I’m from the UK and have to admit I stay loyal to UK brands such as
      autoglym and dodo juice. But have tried some of your products and rate them
      so keep up the good work I also admire your passion. I own a 2014 fiesta ST
      which seems to be gaining popularity in your country is there any chance of
      a detailing guide dedicated to this car? 

    • Tim Tereshchuk:

      Korey is uber rad.

    • ferd22 .:

      CGs youtube channel has grown a lot keep it up guys 

    • kongmw:

      might want to obscure ppl’s email addresses to give some privacy protection

    • Rusty Bui:

      Would you please make a video on how to detail door jams. Thanks! 

    • Matthew Wenz:

      Did he just say coupe weird, twice? That was weird. The e is silent.

    • javier buenabad:

      I heard u can use toothpaste to remove light scratches as long as it has
      not past the clear coat is this a good idea or will it damage the paint

    • Don C:

      I think Matt Ostrowski just got schooled on cleaning windows!

    • RTD OZI:

      YEAH BUDDY!!

    • likaboss302:

      Great video again and a great channel and is growing so fast

    • ThePreludeDave:

      Great ending

    • Geoffrey Witter:

      For future episodes I would like to see a car that is about 5-10 years old,
      one that is not in terrible condition but something in need of a good
      detail, a vehicle with a lot of swirls, minor scratching, paint chips etc.
      Show the entire detail of just that car in one episode. Washing, clay,
      compound, polish, glaze, sealant, wax. As well as the wheels and interior,
      but on a NOTICEABLY dirty car, one with bug splats, mud, jet fuel. you
      don’t have to go crazy in depth on each step of the detail, you guys have
      more then enough videos explaining how to perform each step. The car
      doesn’t need to be showroom ready, but something along the lines of what a
      weekend warrior would be able to do.

    • dlaxman31:

      Great job guys, your hard work is a nice touch to the product.

    • falcondrgn:

      u guys might want to remove the email address from your fans.

    • TheHotSpot RUS:

      Well I just want to let every body know Craig know how to sell CG product
      and the hold team rock I just spent about 800$ dollar on there product The
      shipping department took a long time shipping off the good but, they gave
      me free shipping which save me 25$ more dollar thank you CG please keep up
      the good work

    • djbazzmaster:

      +Chemical Guys
      Nice way to show every email address from all the people who ask questions

    • dmob420:

      how can i find out about my paint(if its soft or how good the quality is)
      on my 2013 toyota avalon? idk if it matters but i have the blizzard pearl
      paint. thanks

    • Alessandro Di Paola:

      Is a regular 16×16 microfiber towel okay for drying or is a larger one

    • Melanie Dickie:

      <3 chemical guys :]

    • CHUNKYxLUVERx93:

      Chemical guys has helped me keep my challenger looking beast! You guys

    • Mike Stephanapolopgas:

      can you guys do a video on how to remove wax from plastics

    • Carlos Eduardo Silva Zavalza:

      Man U rock! Thanks for all the tips!

    • JR007:

      you guys are awesome…keep it up!

      my garage is full of your products. :)

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