Which color hardwood flooring is the most popular right now?

I want to pick a color of hardwood flooring that will be in style for a long time. I’ve seen on hgtv alot of deep dark espresso floors, and i love them, but should i go with real dark, or light??

Please help, what color do you have?
also what is a good quality hardwood floor? I know nail down is the best but whats a durable brand?

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    • rob s:

      Light colored or the natural oak look has been around since oak was first installed as a flooring. Those were regular boards sanded and finished with just a urethane.
      Now that they pre finish and sell wood in factories under climate controlled conditions there are many good brands on the market. These include Tarket, Millikan, Mohawk, Shaw and Bruce just to name a few.
      The types of wood with an aluminum oxide finish is som e of the toughest on the market.
      But as with any thing else the daily care and up keep of the wood will make it last for years to come.
      Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar . GL

    • ralph b:

      light oak would be the color. durable brand? hardwood flooring does not really need to be brand specific. any hardwood flooring boards 3/4" thick will last a hundred years (at least)

    • emm:

      chocolate brown

    • Jillian:

      If your style is more contemporary or traditional, you will want to go with an espresso or cherry finish. These are timeless styles that will go with most decor. A light oak finish is good if your style is more on the country side, however, it is considered to be a little dated. If you’re thinking of re-sale value, go with a darker finish. Cherry is especially popular right now. And it’s all about thickness. If I remember correctly, the nail down is a little cheaper, but more time consuming. The tongue and groove is excellent but a little more expensive. But this is also less time consuming. Hope this helps and good luck!

    • dusty8940:

      I would suggest going with something light. The dark floors will come and go. Also, many of the people who decide to go with dark wood floors wished they hadn’t because they show everything. They literally need to be cleaned everyday or else they will constantly look dirty. I think natural oak and maple are timeless. They have both proven to be durable, stable, and desirable to buyers.

    • PAULA F:

      Consider reclaimed hardwood floors. Their natural beauty is unique – you won’t see it in every home like you do with run of the mill oak. And it looks cool whether wwith any style decor. I like the hand scraped look also. Brands don’t matter, but installation does. Choose a 3/4".

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