What is the best laminate flooring?

One of the best laminate floors we installed is the Allen+Roth laminate flooring. The look is great, very high quality product and very easy to install too. …

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    • chordsofblack:

      Wow bad gaps. I would be pissed whoever did this job.. Terrible baseboard

    • YourFlooringGuy:

      I did the recording before installing the quarter round next to the
      baseboard. Once quarter round installed, you won’t see any more gaps. The
      gaps you are talking about is the space NEEDED for the laminate flooring to
      expand and contract under natural conditions. Not having the space between
      your floors and each wall, cabinet,pole is one of the reasons for buckling.
      “The most important rule for laminate flooring installation is to leave an
      “expansion gap” around the perimeter of the room”.

    • Bcroft39:

      I just recently put down about 600 feet of Allen and Roth Warmed Walnut
      lamanite flooring in my house and me and my wife couldn’t be more
      satisfied. Everyone that has seen it just loves it.

    • YourFlooringGuy:

      I install different types of laminate flooring every day, some are good
      quality, some not so good. Allen and Roth impressed me since the beginning
      as well. Easy to install, good quality material and looks great. I’m glad
      you guys were able to do it yourselves and your friends are impressed.
      Thank you for visiting and for the comment!

    • NFCTinken:

      Beautiful job and nice work around the doors. I purchased allen+roth
      flooring that I will be installing next week and am excited. I have worked
      with Armstrong as well as Pergo Max and both were good options, but I
      liked the look, feel and construction of the tongue and groove more on the
      allen+roth product. Did you do a 3/8″ expansion gap around the edges?

    • YourFlooringGuy:

      You have to leave at least 1/4″ space around the edges depending on the
      square footage of the project. Large areas need more expansion than smaller
      ones. Good luck with your project! Thanks for your visit!

    • Robert Breton:

      The floor looks great to me. I have no expertise in this work but wonder
      why not remove the base board and then lay down floor leaving gap as
      necessary. The base board can then be replaced eliminating the quarter
      round. Just asking that’s the way good a ceramic tile job is installed.

    • Joseph Dowski:

      I am about to begin installation of Allen & Roth laminate for the entire
      2nd floor of our house, (approx. 750sqft) 4 bedrooms & hallway. I want to
      lay it in one contiguous manner without using T-strips in the doorways. To
      do this I believe I would have to be able to lay the flooring in both
      directions, tongue first as I work out of the first bedroom & into the
      hallway. Then groove first as I work back into the other bedroom on the
      same side of the house as the 1st BR I started in ?

    • YourFlooringGuy:

      Yes, you are right! Thanks for your visit!

    • Thomas Aquino:

      Curious which model name laminate this is?

    • YourFlooringGuy:

      Allen Roth! Thanks for visiting!

    • YourFlooringGuy:

      The main reason of not removing the baseboards is the cost. It can add up
      to the installation price. Thanks for visiting!

    • Rico Puerto:

      @YourFlooringGuy, When did u install this, around Nov. 2012? How durable is
      it, how is it holding up to wear & tear? We’re about to buy Allen & Roth
      from Lowes to be installed in family room in the basement. Your quick
      response will be greatly appreciated.

    • YourFlooringGuy:

      I had great experience with Allen Roth so far! Easy to install, looks good
      and seems to last a long time. Sorry about the delay in responding! Thanks
      for visiting!

    • Rico Puerto:

      seems to be holding up well in terms of scratches? seems durable? Thx.

    • YourFlooringGuy:

      Yes! It should last a long time if you take good care of it! Laminate
      flooring is good for scratches in general. Better than hardwood or
      engineered! Thanks!

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