What is a good, all natural floor cleaner that is safe around pets?

I have a tile floor.

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  • pissy_old_lady:

    If you do not have a steam mop, then clean with a bucket of hot water and a dab of dish soap..will clean and will not hurt pets…do not use vinegar..ruins hardwood and is not compatible with all finishes or tiles.

  • ♥ †@ÿŁƏƏ♥:

    Add a cup of white vinegar to gallon of water.=)

  • high lonesome:


  • Dana1985,Masterofignorance:

    Well there is always the fact that there is not a household cleaner that is dangerous to your pets unless you pour their water dish full of it (except bleach)! So if you want to be greenwashed and pay more while having an even worse impact on the environement go ahead and buy an as you call them "all natural" product. However I suggest you do your own research. Many of these "all natural" products are as toxic if not more toxic to animals. I suggest you use whatever you have used in the past, do some research and stop being fooled by the marketing department that wants to make you think you are going green!

    As the idiots posting have already shown their ignorance I will help you – VINEGAR is toxic it is also and acid and is no safer than a store bought cleaner!

    I properly package chemicals for disposal. Household cleaners have such little toxicity that they are not even regualted, however when I get in Vinegar it must be documented and shipped in a proper manner due to its toxicity! Just a little example for you I cannot ship alot of vinegar at once due to the danger of it, however regular household cleaners have no limit becasue they are not very dangerous!

  • A.J.:

    Steam, and or boiling hot water.

  • TigsMom (Karen):

    You may want to look into buying a Eureka Steam Mop. We have ceramic tile floors throughout the house and it’s cleaning better than a regular mop and uses no chemical at all, just water. Safest for pets and babies. I bought the Eureka Steam Mop from Walmart.com, but it’s available at some stores and other online sites as well.

    Hope this helps!

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