What do you do after you apply the final coat of polyurethane to smooth out the imperfections?

I am staining and finishing oak doors for the first time. I used a gel stain for color and then I have applied 3 coats of Varathane polyurethane with a satin finish. I prep sanded the wood using 80 grit and worked up to 220 grit. I wiped the wood surface with a damp rag to raise the grain and hit it with the 220 sand paper again after it dried before staining. I used a tack cloth before the stain and first coat of poly, and roughed the poly in between coats with 000 steel wool and cleaned with a tack cloth before I applied the next coat with a proper brush. Now that I have applied the final coat, how do I remove the imperfections from the top coat of poly it, or is it even possible? To the eye, the flaws are invisible, but when you run your hand over the surface you can feel what can be described as "grains of sand" every so often. I was just wondering if you could achieve that "perfectly smooth" topcoat without hurting the satin finish or am I asking for too much?

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  • uncle bob:

    Use 0000 steel wool, you may have picked up some contamination in the brush or the polyurethane in the process. If you can find it the Old timers used what was called Pumice Paste to smooth a surface after the final coat

  • peaches:

    I would use a very fine sand paper and sand out the grains of sand and wipe again with a tack or wet cloth let dry and then use a paint brush and brush off any remain imperfection. If you still feel these gains of sand then contain sanding till you don’t then apply your final top coat or two.

  • iactblondethereforeiam:

    If at first you don’t succeed sand and sand again :)

  • Teetyme:

    You may be begin too particular, but if you are like me, you want it perfect. Apply enough coats of poly so that if you sand hard you will not get down to the stain, and sand the imperfections out. apply more poly until you are satisfied with the out come.

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