vinyl flooring and underlayment removal

the easy way to remove vinyl flooring and plywood underlayment.

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    12 Responses to “vinyl flooring and underlayment removal”

    • US Freedom Club:

      Thanks for the video, i didnt get this vid in my in box

    • US Freedom Club:

      So much work

    • wokabri:

      very slick. Thanks for that awesome, right to the point video.

    • sjconnorson:

      Thank you so much for this video – I’m removing my underlayment and had no
      idea how to go about it. Thanks!

    • MrGeorge4060:

      Outstanding, slick way to handle this job.

    • Linda d:

      Will this method work if you want to refinish the floor beneath the
      underlayment? I have original hardwood floors under the underlayment and
      vinyl in my kitchen.

    • thetruth:

      only problem with that is with Luan you have to remove Luan too

    • Jack Jury:

      Thank you so much for posting this, I was prying it up with out cutting it
      and it was difficult

    • enilyksnor:

      Pls don’t use recipro next to the edges or cabinets, only an experienced
      tradesmen should do that as the blade will push and ricochet and ruin
      things and can be dangerous. I would recommend an oscillating tool to
      plunge cut instead. Hope this help any would be DIYers.

    • Lynne Thomas Fruehling:

      Great video…thank you!

      Any way to minimize dust/asbestos spores (from the linoleum adhesive) when

    • Tracy Vander Beek:

      Thanks. That was so helpful! Wanted to take out the plywood and lino over
      my subfloor, but didn’t know how I was going to deal with the cabinet
      issue. Hope to get started in the next two weeks. Thanks a lot.

    • Eric:

      Too easy, my plywood was also glued down. Any suggestions?

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