I have a little bone to pick with corporate nonsense. Ha! Bone. Tweet-Tweet: Facey-Facey:…

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    25 Responses to “Triangular”

    • NicoleCorp77:

      yep, that thing is now a tortilla

    • Virini:

      But I don’t like ginger, candied or otherwise.

    • Lizzie H:

      I have the candied ginger hand cream…amazing

    • Lou Foulkes:

      I know! But I’m very confident that they won’t see it!

    • Lou Foulkes:

      Oh my…I don’t know what to say! Good day sir…I SAID GOOD DAY!

    • BenedictStar:

      It’s a lie, the cake is a LIE!

    • davidshead:

      I imagine it is possible that your wet floor caution signs are two
      dimensional, but I would probably have had a pointless discussion because a
      triangle is a two dimensional shape where its much more common (at least in
      America) to encounter pyramids. But then we just call them cones. Even the
      ones with four and three sides.

    • Aarongrubbworm:

      trollin’ with the homies!

    • CMQandMTM4ever:

      Yes. :) Lou, I dare you to paint your nails! It’d be an interesting video,

    • Nessa5651:

      haha triangle that is amazing, why on earth would they say triangle, I am
      seriously in stitches that is just too funny lucky you asked I probably
      would be to scared to ask and would have found a triangular object and just
      have given them that. Haha your awesome can’t wait for your next video!!!

    • Lou Foulkes:

      Well thank you!

    • lillulabellz:

      “if I wanted to speak in code I would tap morse code on ur face.” I
      suddenly have the urge to learn morse code so when someone’s being overly
      complicated with their speech I can respond in a way they will understand
      .. on their face.

    • yukihai:

      I think Gracy is secretly in love with you XD

    • crimsoncandycake:

      bad idea to listen to the outro on full volume but WOOO love it! <3

    • TheEllaROm:

      “If I wanted to speak in code I would tap morse code onto your face” New
      favourite insult XD

    • Alexia Del Vecchio:

      new fan all the way from australia :)

    • Lou Foulkes:

      Awwh thanks! G’day mate…sorry I just had to.

    • Lou Foulkes:

      Wondeful! Thank you!

    • LauzAndNuntree:

      Thumbs up if you smelled your hands.

    • Lou Foulkes:

      Tell me about it!

    • Ana Christenson:

      my hands smell like lemons

    • Benjamin Oakham:

      Where did you get it? I went to Body Shop and they’d never heard of candied
      ginger hand wash!

    • i Meow:

      Haha, Gracie got burned!

    • Effi T:

      Favourite YouTuber at the moment.

    • William Bowles:

      10,000,000 times better? That’s… that’s a lot of times better. I can kind
      of understand calling it a triangle… but once it became clear that you
      didn’t know what she was talking about, she should have immediately said
      “wet floor sign”. The conversation should have been gone like this: “Go get
      a triangle” “A what?” “Sorry, a wet floor sign.” “Okay.” Boom. Done. Saying
      something repeatedly doesn’t make it not make sense.

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