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Timber framing today I assemble the for sill timbers. The frame is really starting to take shape now. I’ll also start cutting the floor boards.

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    • Robin Brooks:

      Hi Cody, i still don’t believe in god but i really like the way how he has
      changed your’s and a lot of other peoples life’s. I have started to look at
      life differently too and how i should do everything as if it where to be
      given to someone like god and not to take the short cuts in life. Here is
      an example Make a DOVETAIL TEMPLATE with Paul Sellers. I thought to myself
      that i could skip a lot of steps in making this and i did, it came out
      terrible so i remade it the way it told me too and it is perfect. Without
      your videos i would still be a simpleton. Keep up the good work :)

    • Ricardo Lopez:

      Can’t get any shorter then that 

    • Gene B:

      Did you check the timber frame for square?

    • HomeFree:

      If that’s a chicken coop those are going to be some stylin’ chicks! Lucky

    • Clark Williams:

      Are you going to dovetail the floor together?

    • P0tat0_craft:

      Wranglerstar, Its kinda disappointing that the Roman numerals you carved
      won’t show, I like them it would be neat to have them showing somewhere on
      the finished product

    • deBrus55:

      Any video on the adze handle?

    • David Kuhns:

      You might try using a hand plane to smooth your planks, rather than the
      power plane and belt sander. I have found a sharp hand plane to be a time
      saver. You eliminate the sanding altogether and you produce mounds of the
      most marvelous shavings – very satisfying. Not a criticism, just an

    • QALibrary:

      I have a question – it looks from the video you did not pin or glue the
      joints? If so why do it that way? – love the videos and the talk of God –
      thank you

    • Steve Wilson:

      Only four and a half minutes? Makes me want to travel there with some
      fibre-optic cable and wire you into a local junction! 

    • bob clapper:

      I can’t figure why 44 people voted thumbs down, Why ? Why even one ?

    • Farrukh Hassan:

      Who is your God The Jesus (PBUH) or The Almighty GOD…?

      by the way very nice work..

    • havenisse2009:

      How will you get that frame out to the final site of the cabin? Take it
      apart again? Sorry if this is a dumb question. 

    • protecheqp Bill:

      what you didn’t pull diagonal”s for square on the frame , my Dad would be
      ready to slap you a few . LOL
      nice work

    • Adam Vick:


    • MutR:

      im grateful for the scientists that came up with the technology, discovered
      photon transfer, and the internet for allowing you to be able to make these
      videos….but what do i know? god dun did it right?

    • stophateing:

      nice guy but why do it for the lord.invisible man a vabel.just look at the
      vatican all the pedofile stuff.not human.

    • BigBlueMSP:

      +wranglerstar what song/who sings the song that is playing at the video’s

    • porter crawson:

      just keep on preaching. people who don’t like it can get off this channel
      and suck an egg.

    • hartstudebakerkid:

      It is small enough to lift the finished floor with a backhoe amd set on a
      trailer and haul it to position. That ponderosa that you first tried to
      make a timber out of I would have turned into sideing.

    • Juan Rivero:

      Hi Wranglerstar. I subscribed to your channel some timee ago, but have not
      commented ever First some technical comments. Like you, I am self-taught.
      It just so happens we read different books! My book was (is) Jack Sobon,
      “Build a Classic Timber Framed House.” So we do different joints. Sobon
      uses a much more elaborate (housed) dovetail joint for the corners. I think
      it’s stronger than the bridle joint you did (and very well indeed you did
      it!). Second thing is I hate power tools and do all my joints by hand. I do
      not, mind you, object to anyone that uses power tools. — in fact I use
      them myself on metal. I use Japanese hand tools; I seem to have an affinity
      for them and I highly recommend them. Fourth thing is that this stuff is
      not as easy as it looks. You have to practice. I live in Alaska and the
      winter is harsh. So I picked up, here and there, offcuts of 4×4, 2×4, and
      so on (all free) and spent a good part of the winter practicing most of
      Sobon’s joints on scrap lumber. I would recommend that anyone who really
      wants to do timber framing do the same thing. Sobon’s book is very detailed
      and shows you every step in the process. Much better to ruin a piece of
      scrap than to mess up your cabin or house.

      This is an awfully long comment, but hey, there are 15 videos here! So we
      come to pegging. A really big structure needs to be pegged with tapered
      pegs. I use Alder because that’s what I have. Oak would be better, but I
      ain’t got it. Lastly there are the 45 degree corner braces that you use to
      reinforce corner joints. Once you get the hang of them they are not
      difficult, but it took me two days to get that hang..Be nice if you showed
      one. Maybe you did, but I didn’t find it in your videos — there are 600
      odd so sometimes hard to find things.

      As to your faith, “all paths, faithfully followed, lead to the same
      place.”. Buddhist saying. Follow your path. And thank you for sharing.

    • frank t:

      +wranglerstar Just a quick question, on those two floor boards you were
      preparing, it seemed like you took quite a few inches off for wane (not
      sure how to spell that) was that also to make them a specific width or did
      that much need to be taken off? Love the channel, thanks for all the

    • Jay Jensen:

      Amen brother! I live in Portland. From what I have seen in your videos, I
      think you are somewhat close. I would love to work with you. Share my tools
      and thoughs. Please get back to me

    • bob clapper:

      Your out of your mind Donnie BOY

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