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How long does it take to do shellac in a salon?

I only have 1 hour and a half tomorrow, do i have enough time to get my nails done with shellac in a salon? How long does it take to have it done?

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    How should I proceed when shellac is tacky?

    I just purchased a second hand rattan table from a private party. He told me that he applied shellac to it the day before and it was supposed to be quick drying, but warned me the chair was still tacky even though 24 hours had passed. Is it normal for shellac to stay tacky this long? Color was still rubbing off on our clothing as we moved the table. Short of returning the table (not an option), what should I do if the table isn’t dry by tomorrow?

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      What kind of manicure should I get?

      I have short nails (I play piano) but teach and tutor, which means I like nice nails to show off.

      I want to get a manicure for the first time but don’t know the difference between these:

      – White tip full set
      – Color gel shellac
      – Gel Manicure

      I like the look of French tips or any natural style. I hate fake nails. Can someone help me please?

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        Why is my spray on shellac cloudy? How can I fix it?

        I have spray on shellac that I am using on a carved bear. I sprayed 5 coats, each with about a ten minute drying period. However, now the shellac is white/cloudy on some areas, and its really tacky so it can not be wiped off. Any suggestions?

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          Anyone using shellac on their nails?

          I was wondering if anyone is using the CND shellac on their nails and if so, what do u think of it? The first time I tried it I really liked it and was excited about it but since then, I have had a problem with it peeling and chipping off. thanks!

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            Is it okay to use shellac if I'm a waitress?

            I know I can’t use nail polish when I’m serving, but I really want to have a shellac french-manicure for the first day of school, and I read on web md that shellac isn’t nail polish.

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              how do I remove the shelac from a leather baseball?

              baseball signed by babe ruth was shelaced. I need to remove the shellac.

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                What is the difference between getting shellac nails and acrylic nails done at a salon?

                Every year for school i get acrylic nails. well, my nail salon is offering shellac nails. what is the difference between the two? price? look? do they last longer? do they look nicer? can you change the color of shellac whenever you want? thanks

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                  What should I apply to protect BIN shellac on concrete?

                  I’ve got a pet odor problem in my basement. Applying Zinsser’s BIN shellac to the concrete may finally be the solution. I’m in the process of applying it to the floor of some of the rooms. These will be carpeted.

                  A room with the washing machine, furnace, etc will still have bare concrete. The floor in that room was previously sealed by a cleaning contractor. What was applied has worn off from moving equipment around and more than one washer leak. The smell had been contained but has returned. Whatever was put down was effective but just did not last.

                  I’d like to put BIN down in this area since it seems to be working. Since its alcohol based, I’m guessing the shellac is water resistant but not water proof. And I don’t know how it will hold up to being walked on, etc.

                  Assuming the BIN stops the odor, what can I put over it to protect it?

                  In another area where the floor will be bare I just put on some BIN that was tinted dark grey so it wouldn’t look dirty. But this is storage that won’t be used much. The odor problem is not everywhere but I’m painting all over to be consistent.

                  On the other floors I tried Kilz before the BIN and it didn’t work and seemed like it would wear more than the BIN which is rock hard. But I walked on the Kilz for a few weeks and haven’t yet seen how the BIN will hold up.

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                    How do I slowly let air dry clay dry?

                    I have a rather large sculpture that I’m almost finished with.
                    I’m using white air dry clay and am afraid that once I start to let it dry that it’ll crack.

                    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

                    Also would like to know about sanding it down so that it’s smooth. What type of sanding paper can be used and again, will it crack if I sand it?

                    Should I use shellac or something similar? Should it be sanded before or after the shellac? I don’t know if shellac is the right thing to say. I’m hoping to find something like a matte varnish or something that will really hold it together.

                    Thanks so much.

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                      are shellac mani's worth it?

                      i love getting my nails done but when i get a mani they are always ruined that day. im a busy active mom. i do a lot of house work so they always chip. my pedi last a while so thats not a worry. i was lookin into the shellac but wanted some input

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                        Can I spray shellac over pictures on an end table?

                        We have an end table in our living room that has a lamp attached to it. The table was ruined when my husband didn’t use a coaster for his beer. I’ve been wanting to do something w/ just putting pictures on the top and like a piece of glass on top. But the glass would have to be cut to size and then a hole cut in it for the lamp, which at this point is just a little too much for me to do.

                        I was curious if I could pictures down on the top and spray shellac over it. Would it hold the pictures down? Would it look nice?
                        I want this project to be quick, done within a couple hours, and not messy. I’m a stay at home mom w/ a 1 year old running around I can’t have her getting into a sticky mess

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                          How to get rid of shellac smell I put on wood dresser?

                          So, I used shellac and contact paper on the bottom of drawers to get rid of that old musty dresser smell and now it smells like shellac…its been about a week or 2 and the smell keeps getting onto my baby’s clothes. Did I miss a step somewhere?
                          Well, it said on the can you can use it for this purpose. The drawers have been open- nothing is in them but i put some "tester" clothes inside and they eventually soaked up the smell. We did wash it out and let it dry but the smell came back.
                          But thank you. I will leave them open and try the newspapers. It was just a dresser we had for a long time and havent used and now needs to be used :)
                          Thanks everyone…still open to more ideas
                          Well I put the contact paper on the next day or 2 days later I forget.
                          But as of right now some parts of the drawer still feel a little tacky. Does that mean its bad?

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                            Who did a better job of producing the musical spirit or soul of Nirvana – Steve Albini or Butch Vig?

                            Vig was responsible for their Nevermind album while Steve Albini (who’s also produced a Pixies album & albums for other bands as well and Albini was in bands such as Big Black, Shellac and Rapeman), was responsible for Nirvana’s In Utero.

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                              White Pigmented Shellac, or Original Kilz Oil Base Primer to Get Rid of Smoke Odor?

                              Had house fire. Gutted home to the studs. There is not a whole lot of visible smoke damage, and once I got down to the studs, I don’t notice that much smoke odor. I want to make sure though that once the house is put back together with new drywall, and such, that the odors don’t penetrate through the walls. I was thinking of renting a paint sprayer and spraying everything down with oil based original Kilz, but a representative from a local paint store indicated to me that Kilz is really not to remove odor, and that I would be better off going with a White Pigmented Shellac Primer. Any suggestions would be great, because there is a huge difference in pricing here, and I’m about to get married, and need all the extra $$ we can save. Thanks…

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