Supermarket Commercials Part 6: Good Seasons to AD Detergent

1. Good Seasons instant salad dressing mix (My second favorite commerical in this collection. I love how the guy says BOTTLED DRESSING?) 2. General Electric …

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    • Jason Colflesh:

      Where can you get these, they’re really cool!

    • Genius7277:

      @gsnfan I bought this particular volume off of eBay, where I bought almost
      all of my commercials. Video Resources made this one and creator Ira Gallen
      did a fantastic job on it.

    • Barry I. Grauman:

      The Good Seasons ad is from 1965 (today, Kraft Foods, General Foods’
      successor, markets Good Seasons in packets AND ready-to-serve bottles); the
      G.E. ad (usually seen on their “G.E. COLLEGE BOWL”), from the same year;
      the Freewax spot is from 1959; the “Borden’s Instant Whipped Potatoes” from
      about the same time {“Would you like a little brown mud on your whipped
      paste?”; Ad, 1955.

    • Paul Duca:

      And as you recently discovered….Kraft tried to compete with its Salad
      Selects dressing mixes.

    • 02chevyguy:

      We used Freewax on the den floor in the first house we lived at in El Paso
      when I was a kid. Stuff really worked.

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