Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Replaced carpet in office and stairs with strand woven bamboo. Used a Miter saw with Carbide blade to cut all the bamboo. The floor is “floating” but the sta…

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    • Chris Hutson:

      Awesome job! I was thinking of installing the same flooring in my house but
      I’m worried about the stairs. How is the flooring on the stairs holding up?
      Did you have to sand off the shine on the underside of the planks before

    • 99Ssimpson:

      Thanks! We did sand the bottom a bit with 60 grit. It’s been nearly a year
      and absolutely no problems! No hint of loosening anywhere on the stairs! We
      used a thick layer of Loctite PL premium glue. Be sure to wipe the excess
      glue off (with a wet paper towel & then dry) while it’s still wet because
      it’s nearly impossible to get off once dried. Good luck!

    • 99Ssimpson:

      PS. I like the alternating pattern of the white riser and wood tread much
      better than all wood because it really accentuates the wood!

    • 99Ssimpson:

      oh, and the photo of the ladder on the back of the house was shown to
      indicate how we went to bed after installing the stair treads! that was how
      we allowed the glue on the stairs to dry for 24 hours. 😉

    • ghostpricecheck:

      Hope you realize the boards will separate where the tongue has been cut
      off, from house movement and/or weather change From 8 years of floating
      floor laying experience.

    • 99Ssimpson:

      There’s only 2 or 3 planks where the tongue was cut. So far, no separation.

    • Ruby Arias:

      How did you cut the planks?

    • 99Ssimpson:

      miter saw on 90 deg angle, needed carbide blade to cut the really hard

    • Miguel M:

      who makes/sells this flooring?

    • 99Ssimpson:

      Manufacturer is mohawk flooring but we ordered from local store in Austin:
      Landers premier flooring

    • Rayzen:

      Just finished installing my bamboo flooring, the door frames were
      definitely the hardest part. I ended up cutting the board, sliding it
      underneath the existing flooring, pulling it into place, then using a
      crowbar to pry up the board to get the angle needed to engage the lock with
      a hammer and tapping block. Also easier to split door frame pieces into two
      sections with the short end tongue/groove in the middle.

    • 99Ssimpson:

      Wow. That sounds complicated, jreader. I didn’t want a seam at thresholds
      for my project, so I made sure the piece was large enough to bridge the
      entire door jam. Aside from cutting the boards atriums the door jam, the
      other issue for me was lining up the whole room to line up to the top tread
      of the stairs so the nose piece lined up correctly. That was tough, but it
      all worked out perfectly. 2 yrs now and still no problems with my flooring,
      in the office or the stairs.

    • 99Ssimpson:

      *around, not atriums. Silly phone

    • 99Ssimpson:

      It has now been 2 1/2 years since installation and still no separation
      between joints (even the ones I chiseled). Additionally, the pieces glued
      on the stairs are still perfectly, tightly glued with no loose boards at
      all. Also, there is zero damage to the surface of the boards unlike what I
      have seen with hard wood floors, where they accumulate dings and scratches
      with use (hint: if you have this problem, you can take a damp towel and
      place it on the ding and use a hot iron to steam it to plump up the wood,
      then seal it once dry). I haven’t seen so much as a scratch on our strand
      woven bamboo. The Mohawk brand we purchased (
      ) uses Uniclic glueless interlocking system, but also includes interlocking
      grooves on each end of the board so there is no separation. We are really
      happy with our bamboo flooring. :-)

    • quickster4u2c:

      Your very lucky you didn’t purchase your bamboo through Lumber Liquidators
      or you would be having problems. Your floor looks beautiful and you did a
      nice job installing it. I bought the Morning Star Bamboo from LL and it
      has been a disaster, plus they don’t stand by their 30 year warranty!
      Found out the hard way that they sell a very poor product.

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