START UP of Commercial Floor Burnisher

17hp V-Twin Kawasaki engine. Runs on Propane.

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    • richthecardude94:


    • weasel884:

      i love kawasaki engines.they make a hydrostatic sound that makes me so
      interested in them……..and there so damn easy on fuel with the
      untouchable power that they have

    • mowrman100:

      Worked on tons of these… that is a very good unit! I enjoy rebuilding
      these units when the valves fail. I also like making them start better, run
      longer, and burn less fuel than they did originally.

    • donyboy73:

      do you ever get problems with the emmissions shutting the unit off? after
      how many hours do you do a rebuild?

    • mowrman100:

      The engine man’s religion: “NO comression leaks, 1/4″ long sparks WITHOUT
      FAIL at cranking speeds – then screw with the fuel mixture until a n O2
      sensor says 60 millivolts at idle and no more than 250 under load”.
      Seriously – it’s the work of a lifetime. Bob Wilson invented these things
      in ’79 and I’ve been jacking with them ever since! (US Pat # 6,203,046
      April 20, 1992) – that unit is my patents, exactly.

    • alelouga:

      Donyboy I have one of these with a Honda 13.0 Ohv that motor turns over but
      won’t start, what u suggest? Do you have a shop that you do repairs?

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