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    • theschuermanshow:
    • Kathy Love:

      Hi Sam I use to watch your beauty channel from along time ago what I love
      about you is You would change your hair all the time short long red brown
      copper and I loved that about you But now your hair is dry frizzy and just
      the same all the time…. all you worry about is how long it is… but with
      all do respect it looks terrible long its fluffy dry and just looks
      terrible you look older cause women your age aren’t trying to be so
      bleached out but you never change your hair ever Come on Sam I want to see
      the adventure in you like you use to be Get Wild <3

    • flamingodiego:

      Ok no swifter,but you need a vileda mop! Thats the brand up here in
      Canada. I make my own solution and the mop pads go in the wash! 

    • Dorcas A:

      Have you thought about varnishing the floor? 

    • jrosecarsc:

      Vinegar and dawn dish soap together is a miracle cleaner! It’s the only
      thing that I have found to work on the soap scum in the bath tub. It also
      cleaned my glass dishes well. And Lily reminds me of my 2 girls when they
      use to wake up from naps (I miss nap time they quit that at 2 yrs old) they
      were little grumps! :) 

    • shkelly24:

      ….Sam, I LOVE your hair, I think you are truly stunning, so you carry on
      with your gorgeous self and not to worry about crappy comments! Thank the
      heavens the large majority of your subbies adore you all! (how can we
      not!!) and the few who say these poopy things are very much in the
      minority! (a serious case of the green eyed monster me thinks!!) :) xx

    • Zoe Archer:

      This video really made my day. I was laughing out loud. :)

    • SweetCherry933:

      What vlog was when Phoenix was uspet because Lily woke up before him?

    • Jacqueline Drage:

      Jay and Sam you both have great sense of humour,so funny cleaning floor.It
      might be a good idea to varnish it like someone suggested.By the way Sam
      your hair is gorgeous and so are you!! 

    • Betsie Bernabe:

      you guys are so funny

    • Gymcrackery (Karen):

      lol.. Lily is like me in the morning. “Everyone leave me alone! Waking up
      is hard!”.

    • Daniela Romero:

      I think some of your jokes are getting very sexual. Its weird hahaha

    • kharyn21:

      Is it totally wrong that I was slightly turned on by this video?! :D

    • ohthatsparkles:

      Oh dear Sam, why dont you just change the floor in the kitchen to a better
      quality one. I know you just did it but it would help your life. Instead of
      cleaning it you could be doing something else…with daddy for example! ;)

    • Rhonda Holt:

      You guys have been super cute the last few vlogs, I love to see couples
      especially with kids still flirt with one another. That’s right Sam and
      Jay, show these Youtube couples how to keep things spicy! Lol! By the way
      love the fork jokes, I got everyone lol. 

    • Hayley Reinitz:

      I’m not sure if I’ve recommended it before, but I have the shark steamer
      for the floors (from Target) and with 5 pets, a full tiled home, and a baby
      on the way I can clean and disinfect the floors really quickly. You could
      probably clean your entire kitchen floor every night before bed with it in
      less than 10 minutes for the next day.

    • Shelley Holder:

      I’ve noticed that Phoenix and Lily eat ALOT of berries or fruits. Do you
      ever or did you ever have a problem with diaper rash with them? That’s
      probably a ??? For your mommy channel. I have that problem and creams and
      formulas just don’t seem to help, but my daughter loves fruits and berries
      and they are so healthy for her. And I use cloth diapers so I kind of have
      to be careful on which creams I use due to staining! Any suggestions Sam?

    • LuLu Kellogg Atelier:

      Oh my goodness… guys are just the cutest!!! xoxo

    • JennsHodgePodgeLodge:

      Holy green grass. Beautiful!

    • Erica:

      Chop your hair!!! Ur hair grows so fast it’ll be long again in no time!!! U
      would look fabulous 

    • rakesfunnyfarm:

      You should thing about what you say.You have very young subbies on here!

    • Emily M:

      It’s almost obsessive compulsive this whole floor thing lol

    • Kateland Myers:

      You are such a beaut Sam! 

    • Tara Wiperi:

      OMG I’m so glad I’m not the only one that washes the floors and there hands
      and knees.. My hubby tells me all the time to use mop but I just prefer to
      do it on my knees..

    • BlondeTeaParty:

      I love you guys you make me laugh so much! You are just the cutest
      together! I love Jay’s innuendos haha very funny indeed! Sam you are
      looking gorgeous I love your beautiful hair :) xoxox much love xoxox 

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