Shaw Laminate Flooring Installation

This video shows how easy it is to install quality laminate flooring from Shaw Industries and Home Carpet.

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    9 Responses to “Shaw Laminate Flooring Installation”

    • John RossStar:

      got some Shaw and it’s impossible to put together……what a friggin

    • rhonda tomazon:

      friggin nightmare is the understatement of the year i am gonna try to
      return my unused boxes i couldn’t even finish the project with this product
      got to buy different flooring

    • abxchange:

      Thanks for the info! Almost bought this!

    • Axiom HI:

      Unfortunately, Shaw flooring is a disaster to install. If you’re a DIY’r,
      find another floor to install, or hire a professional. This floor requires
      someone who has done this enough to know all the tricks to make it work
      properly, and even at that, it takes almost twice as long as most other

    • maddog5876:

      I am not a pro by any means , but i Have done several home projects
      including laminate flooring and tile… This floor instruction requires you
      complete a row before connecting with the next row….I nightmare to say
      the least. it recommends using wedges to take a least 3
      people installing a 15′ section. You can not assemble one section at a
      time. They will not tap together…Good luck!!!

    • Dan Ardelean:

      Aggravating to say the least! Hopefully I can find a floor installer that
      is more patient than I am. Pieces won’t lock or stay flat! Makes pretty
      firewood though.

    • Adam Buras:

      Man this stuff is hard. I still can’t figure out my lawnmower, much less
      this stuff!!

    • Susan Dellemann:

      wish I would have read this before we bought it!!!What a nightmare. Pieces
      won’t go together like the video shows. Going to take forever to get stuff
      installed. Please no one buy it you will really be disappointed. Looks good
      in the box but that is as far as it goes…..

    • Mario Torres:

      Same here I am installer it locks in

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