Shark Sonic Duo Review

Review of Shark Sonic Duo carpet and hard floor cleaner. Complete Shark Sonic Duo product review can be seen at

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    • Laura Kromer:
    • Robyn Ketzbeck:

      Thinking of getting one and I thank you for your review of the Sonic Due!

    • Lisa H:

      Thanks. I am checking out the Shark Sonic Duo, deciding if I want to buy
      one. I have lots of kiddos in and out and a dog. All of my flooring needs
      help since my last carpet cleaner wore out a year and a half ago :( so its
      this Duo or back to the Steam vac.

    • mquiroz90:

      Many things will replace old cleaning there be new better ways clean places

    • Kater Caters to Cats:

      I tried mine today. With the Shark name I had thought it was going to
      steam, but it does not. I cleaned with water only, mediocre but fun to use.
      I tried vinegar and water, white film. So then I tried the solution that
      came with it…still a white film but not as much. Very disappointed in it.
      Good luck though! I like my Shark steamers much better. Even though they
      have to be refilled too often.

    • R3DDRAGON87:


    • Erika BS:

      Very informative, next time I suggest you read the manual and put the
      handle on the right way. :)

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