Shark® Sonic Duo™ Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner

Introducing the Shark® Sonic DuoTM Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner — a revolutionary and easy new way to clean ALL the floors in your home, even your carpets …

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    3 Responses to “Shark® Sonic Duo™ Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner”

    • john martens:

      No extraction….just moving most of the dirt and grime around than
      removing it…

    • Donald Kosse:

      We just try it out and let me tell you we have pet stain and we were sure
      we have to replace all are carpet so we try the shark and it took all
      the stain up and the carpet look new I will be tell ever one this one great
      from 1-10 ten being the very best I give it a 30 that how great it is.

    • Donald Kosse:

      we just use are shark sonic DUO and what a great job it works great
      we have 3 dogs and a lot of pet stains but not any more it took care of
      them all
      thank shark I give it a 10

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