Removing Old Wood Floor (Part 1)

Getting ready to put down new wood floor by popping up all the old wood.

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    • NoPointNLying:

      I’d kill for a floor like that! What could possibly be better? Fools just
      depreciated your house!

    • Darren McCall:

      We removed this little area and replaced it with a more expensive darker
      wood floor. We also removed all the carpet and extended the wood floor to
      the back of the house. So no depreciation :)

    • Purona Vii:


    • Scott Hildenbrand:

      Air Compressor + Pneumatic Chisel FTW. Not a fan of back breaking work,
      myself.. 😉

    • bibafortuna:

      be careful that dog dont get splinters.

    • mazower:

      This floor looks pretty thin. Laminate or engineered perhaps? Good call on
      replacing it.

    • Darren McCall:

      Us either. We were trying to save the “professional” installers some time.
      They finished up the removal and put down the new floor for us.

    • BGD929:

      There has to be a better way right? I have about 1000 SqFt I am about to
      replace this weekend in a rental.

    • johnebb3:

      What happend to you wife?

    • Darren McCall:

      @johnebb3 she was smart and gave up 😛

    • lrd9999:

      It pains me to watch this. I would go to great lengths to save a floor like
      that and would have been happy to replace the carpet with a close match of
      the part you’re tearing up. To each his own, I guess.

    • GoldenRohde:

      We’re doing the same thing.. Was yours glued AND nailed down? We have over
      330 sq feet of similar wood to remove. I’d love it you could msg me and we
      could chat?

    • Darren McCall:

      @GoldenRohde It was glued down.

    • GoldenRohde:

      well that gives me hope.. since ours isn’t glued down.. I hope ours comes
      up easier!!! I don’t want to pay someone $1300 to remove it!

    • xxlaosdudexx:

      if had a floor scraper it would be way much easier

    • Bob Seger:

      Welp there goes a couple grand worth of pine floor.

    • Patrick Frette:

      socks, boxers, no gloves, a screw driver and a finish hammer? What not to

    • TheEfrain7:

      I bet they are still working on it it will done by 2017

    • Christopher Yue:

      why would you want to remove perfectly good floors?

    • Darren McCall:

      We removed this small amount to put down, better quality, matching wood
      floor throughout the entire house.

    • C. Lopez:

      what are the tools you were using????

    • sendebad1:

      it could be a good idea if you put some water under the wood , give it 12-
      24 hours then start removing it , I thing it will be much easier

    • phillipwebb3:

      That’s rough, wow!

    • Kirk Kids:

      You could have done that small spot in less than 3 minutes with a
      BoshHammer attached to an SDS chisel.
      My kids took up 600 feet in about half an hour. Also takes up all the
      spintered pieces and some of the mastic if you hold the chisel at a steeper
      angle after the wood is removed.
      Rent it or buy it for around $232 and chisel for less than $20.

      Work smart, don’t exhaust yourself.

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