Quick & Easy Ways To Clean & Restore Hardwood Floors

minwax.tv Learn quick and easy ways to restore shine and add a layer of protection to floors that have been scratched and scuffed with Minwax and Bruce Johnson on Las Vegas Morning Blend. When cleaning hardwood, it is important to avoid using old home remedies that include vinegar, hot, soapy water, or strange TSP concoctions because these actually do more damage than good. For safer results, apply a small amount of hardwood floor cleaner, using a mop or rag to rub the solution in. For scratches and scuffs, use Minwax Stain Marker. It has the stain built in and comes in a variety of popular colors. Simply choose one to match your wood and apply to the affected areas. The final step is to apply our Hardwood Floor Reviver. This will add a coat of protection and revitalize even high-traffic areas. Apply the water-based Floor Reviver with a painter’s pad. This solution dries quickly and best of all, it’s fume-free. If you spill candle wax on your hardwood, the first thing to remember is, don’t wipe it off while it’s still melted. Leave it where it is and use an ice cube to freeze it. You want to make the wax hard and brittle so that it is easy to take off. Use an ordinary credit card to pop off the wax. Do not use a piece of metal, because this will cause scratches. There are many different tools you can buy to make restoring wood easy. Minwax offers a wonderful Hardwood Floor Care System that includes a padded mop for cleaning without leaning over. This is a very inexpensive

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