Polyurethane on a hardwood floor?

I stripped my hardwood floor and have put on one coat of polyurethane already and am waiting for it to dry. My question is, the can says I need to sand betwen layers, what would happen if I didn’t sand in between?? Would it be okay to just put down another coat of poly once the first one is completely dry?

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    • fyrfly:

      The purpose of the polyurethane coating is to give the floors a smooth, shiny surface. Each layer of polyurethane you put on dries with a smooth surface. If you do not sand each layer, subsequent layers do not bond as well. Try an experiment: put a little polyurethane on a glass surface and on a scrap piece of rough wood. Let it dry. Try to scrape it off with your fingernail. You’ll notice that it comes off pretty easily from the glass but not so well from the wood. This is why you must sand each layer. Sanding also removes the tiny bumps causes when bits of dirt get trapped in the polyurethane. Putting more polyurethane on top of those bumps just accentuates them, so you should sand them away to get a smoother finish.

    • uncle billy:

      I never sand the 1st coat

    • tambo:

      The sanding gives the next layer something to adhere to. If you don’t sand, it may not stick as well. I have done my living room and stairs and they turned out great. My cousin added 12 layers to his kitchen over time and they look great! If you like the real shiny look.

    • Diane:

      You need to lightly sand between coats so the two coats will adhere to each other… If you don’t sand the second oat can and will chip off the first coat.. Making the whole job an exercise in futility.. Don’t rush and skip steps thinking it will speed up the job it will only create more of a job later as you will have to restrip the floor and start over to get the finish you desire…

    • Trollbuster:

      Sanding helps ensure coat consistency and smoothness. It helps eliminate brushmarks, bubbles and inconsistencies that additional coats will exascerbate. Whether you sand or not, make SURE you allow adequate cure time in between coats or it will wrinkle, bubble and look horrible.

    • takefiveplz:

      no need to sand between layers. I did my home and the floors look just beautiful.
      Why in the world would it say sand between layers, do they realize that if you were doing a 10 bedroom home like mine for instance how long that could take. You could ask someone from home depot tho thats how i learn to do everything in my home i never have to call anyone lol. ( I’m like one of those men who won’t let his wife call the plumber cause i know i can fix it lol)

    • norsmen:

      you must sand. they will not adhere to each other unless you do.

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