Polyurethane Mason Jar Workshop Tip

This tip is for anyone who needs to organize brushes or their favorite varnish in their workshops. Music: Alison, Courtesy of http://audionautix.com/

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    • Chris Pine:

      I am a jar person too! My wife get frustrated as I hate to throw out a
      jar! :) Thanks for sharing! 

    • Above the Shop Studios:

      Great video! I’ve been a) experimenting with finishes lately (I’m a welder
      and new to wood working) and b) wondering where the women woodworkers were.
      I look forward to seeing more of videos and welcome the diversity of

    • Keith Peters:

      Great. I just picked up a few mason jars last week for this very purpose.
      They work great.

    • The Tiny Trailer Workshop:

      Hello Darbin:
      A great video! Just thought I would add a possibility for you…
      if you drive a couple of holes in the lid…. you can use them (with the
      lid off) drive screws up through and into the ceiling (or a beam) and then
      you can fill the jar with what ever you want… screws; nails; bits of
      string; … any kind of jar will work… glass or plastic!
      Looking forward to more tips and videos!

    • ChopN Hack:

      Very good, I do the same with empty glass Snapple ice tea bottles. I use a
      bit of plastic wrap under the cap and it seals very well. Nice too that
      they are smaller, less air inside ;-)

    • jonh walsh:

      COOL !

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