Plywood Subfloor Leveling with Plywood Sheets

In this video you’ll see how you can do plywood subfloor leveling using the plywood sheets. I was going to install a hardwood floor (5/8″ thickness) but ther…

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    • MrYoucandoityourself:
    • MrYoucandoityourself:

      How to level a plywood subfloor with plywood sheets

    • MrYoucandoityourself:

      You can watch more tutorials in my playlist “How to Level the Concrete,
      Plywood and Wood Floors”

    • MessageFromHome:

      Hi! I have a parquet floor and I want to install a sheet vinyl floor over
      it. May I use 6mm plywood to level it? Should I use screws, a pin nailer
      (or maybe some kind of contact cement)? Thank you!

    • MrYoucandoityourself:

      You can use construction glue and screws.

    • Camille Ayyash:

      aside from the glue- did you use anything else to adhere to the subfloor?
      Would you go around the edges with screws or nails?

    • Sarah DeLuca:

      Ok, guess I’m missing something. What did you level? It looks like you
      added 3/4″ over top of existing subfloor. Won’t that just follow the
      contour of existing floor? It would do that without all the extra cuts.
      Or were you just building the floor up to match another area?

    • mike smith:

      Question: Could you use hardplank 8 x 4 over the subfloor for your tile?
      Yes, I know your trying to level it with 3/4 plywood, but just asking?

    • diver dave:

      ? did i miss something …. i did happen to see you use a level – laser or
      shims under the sheets of plywood …. so how do you know it is level ?

    • Jester Drifter:

      Are the notches really worth it?

    • Dan Hawk:

      Thanks for the video! I have a similar issue. Could you tell me if I could
      use osb instead of plywood over my existing plywood floor which is too
      low. Also what were the spacers between the sheets you layed for?
      Expansion? Thanks, Dan

    • Kerry Flynn:

      This doesnt make the floor even. Youre just the uneven floor thicker.

    • William may:

      WOW,,,, I’ve been a professional installer in both the residential and
      commercial sectors’ both union and non,,,, and what I see form you’re video
      is a big waste of time, material and labor,,,,,, do you happen to hang out
      with that mike homes guy????

    • Crystal Machine:

      If you want to level a floor i would use 2×8 lumber. The lumber will be
      level already if you pick straight pieces for the yard preferable 10-12
      footers. The lumber will be easy and fast to level with shims.
      Plywood will degrade and squeak, also hard to level because plywood is
      never flat or level.
      Self leveler concrete is not a good solution either, it is not intended for
      wood sub floors or even leveling more than 1/8″ spots.

    • Jim Lawrenson:

      What part of this possibly useful video was best enhanced by that awful
      bloody “background” noise ?

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