My DIY Pergo Laminate Flooring Installation

This is my first attempt at installing laminate floor. Visit for great deals, coupons and more!

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    14 Responses to “My DIY Pergo Laminate Flooring Installation”

    • knittwitt:

      ahhhhh not bad but that was a 4 hour job

    • Michael Foutz:

      Great video, you have inspired me to take the plunge and start my Pergo
      floor project.

    • chipjumper:

      The padding burns like napalm. Just don’t breathe in the fumes or let them
      venture into your neighbors windows. Probably best to burn the carpet and
      the padding during a thunderstorm at night when no one is going to notice

    • chipjumper:

      Your advice at 6:30 is the mistake that everyone I know that has installed
      Pergo has done. You think they would put out an advisory!

    • Charles B:

      Love the color and texture, exactly what I want. What color and where did
      you get it? Awesome vid. 09/01/13

    • Jess Jessers:

      Why didn’t you either flip the curtains over the rod or remove them. They
      were in your way .

    • Jess Jessers:

      As I kept watching I noticed a few things. The thing that I really noticed
      was….. You should work your way OUT of a room. Don’t start from the

    • Lissa D:

      Where is your moisture barrier since your subfloor is concrete??

    • Matthew Azzaro:

      So what is the right way?

    • john vasquez:

      Love the musiC

    • B scott:

      you are right pergo shows it being installed in the opposite direction

    • Kubwa Nanzuri:

      you need a water barrier and you haft to tap it in at the other end as well
      looks nice but it probably wont last long

    • Tammy Petry:

      Hey there, thanks for the video. We are starting our Pergo hallway
      installation today. I enjoyed your laid back approach and humor. My only
      concern was those beautiful drapes! I hope you didn’t get them too dirty,
      LOL. Great job…and wish us luck!

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