Laminate Flooring 101: Door Jambs

This is a brief idea of how laminate flooring could be installed at a doorway. The flooring being installed is Harmonics brand which is sold at Costco. I hav…

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    • TurnEhDogh:

      Could you add comments or dialogs to the steps you are doing? Thanx

    • abney2002:

      Where did you get that small plane?

    • abney2002:

      Also, what seam glue do you use? Awesome video! Thanks

    • dokuhaku2323:

      @abney2002 Thanks for the inquiry. The glue can be any PVA glue, which
      means just about every wood glue available. PVA glue has the flexibility
      needed in this application. If another glue were used, one which became
      brittle over time, you can imagine how it would fail.

    • dokuhaku2323:

      @abney2002 As for the plane, go to harborfreight . com and search item

    • kimbabilis:

      Exelent video, now I’m ready for my instalation!

    • dokuhaku2323:

      @kimbabilis Thank you o much, and good luck. If you have any trouble, feel
      free to contact me. Phone number at the end of video.

    • dokuhaku2323:

      @TurnEhDogh Sorry for the 8 month delay. While you are hopefully not still
      waiting for a reply, I am compelled to answer. I watched the video again
      and I agree that some dialogue would make it more clear. I will do so in
      the future. This video is, as they say, ‘in the can’. Thanks for watching.

    • Adrian Collins:

      Thanks for the video. It helped me get out of a rut with a tricky doorway.
      Most videos showed how to undercut the door frame but not how to shape the
      wood to go under. Being new at this, I also found it useful to create a
      cardboard template to test it out before cutting the flooring.

    • dokuhaku2323:

      Adrian, I am glad it helped. I can see where it could have given more
      information, but for someone who already has a headstart, such as yourself,
      it seems to show just enough. I am glad you commented.

    • nhlkjhsdlkhAKDHakhd:

      I like that the video shows the technique for getting the planks into the
      door threshold. This seems to be about the only way to do it without
      removing the entire door frame. The music is kind of annoying, commentary
      would be awesome though. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to make this
      video. Now if someone could put something together showing how to do a
      landing that would be great lol

    • Ryssak18:

      Hi, I see that you have not removed the old skirting, so I can keep my old
      skirting intact while laying laminate flooring and then just put the
      threshold strip and thats it?

    • David Wright:

      LOL I’m sure they checked every day waiting for your reply

    • mvwoon:

      The music was the best part!

    • dokuhaku2323:

      How can you top Paul McCartney? The best part by far.

    • johntracey523:

      I hate how to videos with music. Your sharing the video of what you are
      doing, why be mute about it? Let us know what you are doing, whats hard,
      whats not

    • bopdoowop1:

      Thanks!! This is what I was looking for. And I enjoyed the song! 

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