iRobot Roomba Discovery Series Commercial by As a member of the latest iRobot generation of home robots, the iRobot Roomba 500 Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot sfeatures the newest …

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    • delliswierd:

      I LOVE ROOMBA!!! :)

    • pinnpt:

      yes the roomba is great but battery is suck i wast the money for them. c an
      long last 3 mts then die. you cheat the world irobot.

    • RobotShopTV:

      3 months seems short, you probably did not use it correctly or left it off
      the charger, average is 2-3 years before a battery change…

    • RobotShopTV:

      @soulinpoo Have you tried the battery reset procedure? It is possible that
      your battery can still be used (see RobotShop TV for the Battery Reset
      Procedure for your type of Roomba). Batteries should normally last a few
      years. NiMh tend to last longer than NiCd.

    • pepsicola8531:

      The dog is all like what dufuk

    • Sarah Workman:

      I want Roomba!!!!!!

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