Intex Seahawk 2 Wood Floor

Went to Lowe’s for all the materials and just created this wooden floor. Feels very solid and stable, will record for it’s fist time in the water with this n…

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    • Dime5150:

      Got the same boat and I’m going to do the same build. Thank u for the break

    • Roger Dorsey:

      How’s it going i got the same boat intex sea hawk 2 with a extreme battery
      wicked smart charger and a 30 lb minn kota trolling moter with mount you
      can buy a minn kota at walmart for around $100.00 and buy a extreme battery
      and wicked smart charger at batteries plus the battery cost around $80.00
      and the charger cost around $24.00 if you would like to check those stores
      i have had mine on the water with the moter it is awesome cool floor setup
      awesome boat take care i just subscribed.

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