Intex Mariner 3, Suzuki 2.5 hp, Wood Floor – The Best Inflatable for 1 Person

I have owned a bunch of inflatable boats, the Mariner 3 is the best boat for 1 person and it is a great deal for 5. It is made of sturdy PVC, unlike the S…

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    • Sputter Eggbert:
    • Sputter Eggbert:

      Hi Masuda – I didn’t print my certificate of origin yet, but you are right
      that Intex changed the name from Seahawk II to Mariner 3. I know from past
      experience that the certificate of origin from the Intex website would be
      easy to change. So if it says seahawk ii I would just change it.

    • mrdrh99:

      Good stuff bro…. I do have a mariner 4 and have often wondered if I
      should have gone with the 3. I have a 30# kota but just picked up a Johnson
      2. Good job!

    • acytoh:

      Hi Brother, nice video there … I do have a question with the hoursepower
      on the motor …

      Didn’t every intex boat comes with the max speed/horsepower that it can go
      to? Is your suzuki 2.5 hp still fit into the legal limit?

    • acytoh:

      By the way, where did you get your mariner 3 at that decent price?

    • Алексей Болотов:

      У меня тот же комплект… Ещё не пробовал обкатывать…. Но по всей
      видимости мне понравиться… Единственный вопрос…??? Вы из чего пол
      делали??? Он цельный или раздельный????

    • James Bloyed:

      I have been shopping around for this boat recently and noticed that some of
      the new Mariner 3 Boats have an inflatable keel and rub strake just like
      the Mariner 4. This is unlike the old Seahawk II style that was supposedly
      shipped with some of Mariner 3 boats as reported on Amazon reviews. Which
      one did you get and from where did you order it?

    • fishingislife014:

      I have the same boat and I bought it from amazon …. I need to register it
      and don’t have the certificate of origin…. I either lost it or it didn’t
      come with one , did it come with yours ? And if you know how to get it
      please let me know, thanks

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