Installing Reclaimed Wood Flooring in a Tiny House

This video shows a glimpse into the process of installing reclaimed wood flooring. This flooring is pine that came out of several old houses. It is a fair am…

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    • The Homestead Craftsman:

      Here’s another video showing some reclaimed wood, this go around it’s old
      pine flooring salvaged from houses. I’m laying it in the tiny house I’m
      building. Let me know what you think and visit me on facebook for more.

    • Jake B:

      That looks really nice. You’re tiny house is coming together wonderfully!

    • ByeByeMissAmericaPie:

      Classical Guitar.

    • Anna L.:

      just subscribed to your channel.. your very pleasant to watch and learn
      from… I am just beginning to start working with wood to build some things
      I want.. rather then buy from a store.. your videos are very helpful..
      thank you for sharing them..

    • nzinga zindua:

      Exactly what I want for my kitchen floor. Resalvaged wood from pallets.
      Where did you find your wood? No glue was necessary? Did you nail them
      down? You did a beautiful job and a great, easily to follow/understand
      video. Thanks for posting.

    • Cassandra Bromfield:

      I had an idea to reclaim the wood floor from an Uncle’s house and recusing
      it. This was helpful. 

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