install-floating-wood-floor-scribing-last-row-to-wall.MP4 Scribing the last row of a floating wood floor install.

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    • kildon50:

      I understand you need 3/8 inch to half an inch for expansion. the tounge
      doesnt look anywhere near that.

    • Aaron Kay:

      Nice little tip.

    • nhlkjhsdlkhAKDHakhd:

      Great tip! But the tongue on my laminate is only 3/16″ which leaves me
      3/16″ short of having my 3/8″ expansion gap. Also, my walls have some
      pretty drastic curves that using a piece that long would not correctly
      reflect. I measured a scrap piece of wood to the length of my planks and
      then added 3/8″ to that measurement. I also only made it about 3″ wide so
      it follows the contour of the wall better. Regardless, this saved me a ton
      of time.

    • DollyParton Fan:

      Thanks so much!

    • xxnonstopdancingxx:

      Freddie Roach is one multi talented mf

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