I have to mix my shellac with alcohol?

I bought shellac to preserve leaves and flowers before setting them in resin (so any natural oils in the plants won’t react with the resin) but the can says I’m supposed to mix the shellac with alcohol. What kind of alcohol am I supposed to use and what sort of container should I be mixing this in?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Also, does the alcohol make the solution dry a little clearer?

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  • DIY Doc:

    Both valid answers so far. The alcohol is designed to make the shellac flow more easily, as it can settle and thicken in a can. Any container is fine. Neither glass nor plastic will react to the mix adversely.

    The other reason for the alcohol, beyond that it does react favorably with shellac, is that in mixing it will allow that in the evaporation process, and thinning, the shellac with set and dry more rapidly.

    Shellac is not strictly clear

  • John A:

    DENATURED alcohol.

    You can use plastic container.

    Like an old paint bucket or coffee container.

    OK I found you a site to back me up–I feared for your project & see you gettin bad advice.

    How and Why to Mix Fresh Shellac http://www.stewmac.com/freeinfo/A-1315.html

  • Richard E:

    isopropyl alcohol in a glass container be careful of ignition sources and have a well ventilated work area

  • Slim Whitman:

    don’t use isopropyl, use the denatured alcohol you can purchase in gallons as the paint store.

  • Bill P:

    They have shellac thinner at the hardware stores, it might be listed as denatured alcohol

  • Michael S:

    yup, good natured alcohol or nothin’

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