How To Sand A Old Wood Floor

Sanding A Wooden Old Floor.

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    • A. Fabregas:

      Good Video A++++. My ? what type of sand paper # you use with the machine,
      because I have the same type of wood floor in my house from 1939. If you
      have to use diferent types of sand paper in the process to coorect any
      problem. Thanks for all the tips and good information you teach in all the

    • thedumpsterbabys:

      lifting up the back of the sander so that it carves a deep spot into the
      floor to get rid of that little piece of stain. and you always sand with
      the grain

    • corie turingan:

      we have the same wood which is 100+ years old already. What kind of
      machine/tool did you use for this project? pls help…

    • 1968mrhomer:

      that piece of shit which you call a sander would not be able to do the
      whole floor as it would burn it self out. start at 60 grit lmao,YOUR A

    • Rick Senra:

      Going against the grain you will NEVER achieve as clean of a finish. You
      should strip by starting with 37 grit and moving up to a finish grit of 80
      from their. Digging into the ground by lifting the sander will leave
      discussing and awful looking groves in your wood floors. Your doing so much
      more work than necessary for an inferior end result. SMH

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