How To Repair Hardwood Flooring

Shannon from shows you how to repair a damaged piece of hardwood floor. If you have any questions…

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    • Leftism11:

      Impressive. Can’t even tell it was repaired. 

    • miguel salazar:

      great jod really good

    • Mendelivium2:

      Great job !

    • GunsHarleysUSA:

      And that’s how a true carpenter does it……Nice job Shannon……Thanks
      for posting.

    • pan mer:

      i hope i never have to do this

    • David Shwartz:

      I had to do it a couple of times and it took me a lot of thinking and slow
      work, your method is realy good!
      Thanks for the video.

    • david onuszko:

      great video!!!!

    • holywar911:

      AmAzing. Can you make a video on how you Cut a pieCe of wood…..

    • WRX Mike:

      Great video!

    • lilangel2113:

      Love all you’re videos.

    • MrYahooFreeman:

      Great job & very nice result !

    • nov51947:

      One of the lessons I’ve learned from your videos, Shannon, is the value of
      I’m a Type ‘A’ personality and everything seems to take way longer than I
      expect it to.
      Thanks for some great instructional videos…I hope you’re doing well from

    • Edison Chicaiza:

      Great video thanks

    • nickbuol:

      I need to replace a 3 foot by 6 foot section of our hardwood floors.
      Bought a house a couple of years back, and under the one small table in the
      kitchen, the wood is REALLY worn down. Fortunately the previous owners had
      a box full of extra flooring that matched. I wasn’t sure how quite to
      tackle getting the boards out cleanly and while I knew to remove the
      “tongue” sides, it wouldn’t have been until I tried to replace them that I
      would have thought to bevel those bottom edges. This video gives me the
      confidence to tackle this project. Thanks!

    • certified30:

      zoom in zoom out, zoom in zoom out, zoom in zoom out. zoom in zoom out.
      zoom in zoom out. zoom in zoom out……
      love all your videos but man the camera man needs to chill on that zoom

    • Maxid1:

      How did it get cracked? A Rotozip would have been a nice tool to use on
      this. I’ve used a router to hog out broken spots but you have to make a jig
      or some kind of boarder to be sure it doesn’t get away from you.

    • Michael R:

      Thank you Shannon for sharing this particular video! Awesome job!

    • Adam Hennings:

      Dude is amazing.

    • gilma ochoa:

      great video man

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