How to remove vinyl Flooring by hand and with a dremel mulitmax

WEEKEND WARRIOR DAD, taking up vinyl flooring in the kitchen. Come see how a NON PROFESSIONAL removes vinyl flooring SUCCESSFULLY for the first time. See wha…

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    11 Responses to “How to remove vinyl Flooring by hand and with a dremel mulitmax”

    • neonpeonu:

      Nice video. But you should teach your kids how to use tools. Especially the
      multi-tool, they are very safe.

    • Derrick Harden:

      Cool..Im in the process of doing the same thing in my kitchen…How did the
      installation go without you removing all of the paper stuck to the floor?

    • Cine ma:

      Installation went perfect! It did not even factor in as being a problem. I
      will try and get the video up shortly.

    • Cine ma:

      Good point.

    • szaki:

      You can also use a heat gun to loosen up the glue!

    • antpop1:

      Right on. Good video! Got some vinyl in my bathroom that needs to retire.
      Your video also reminded me that I’ve got a Dremel tucked away in a
      cabinet. Then again, that monkey seems pretty handy too…maybe Home Depot
      carries them! lol

    • mcarroll999:

      Be careful some older vinyl floor can have asbestos in the paper backing

    • Eduardo Medina:

      Good job mate. If that vinyl contained Asbestos, you have exposed your
      entire family.

    • alan tanner:

      Sometimes if the floor is level,it is easier put 1/4 inch 4×8 overlay over
      the tile and start with a new surface.make sure your doors will still open

    • Eddie Regory:

      it’s cool that you had your kids work with you on this.

    • GManKeepsltReal:

      This guy is an ape

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