How to Lay Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles : Working on Flooring

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    5 Responses to “How to Lay Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles : Working on Flooring”

    • Michael Drexler:

      Big Help Thnx. for posting. Mike

    • Prehisoric Magz:

      Thanks! ^_^

    • gino santanna:

      really a good video

    • Luke Kwan:

      would you adhere vinyl tiles directly onto concrete? I did in another room
      in my house without doing a moisture test.

      I have started to do the same on my bedroom and I had the tiles laid out on
      the floor so i could visually see the patterns. After adhereing 1 1/2
      boxes to my slab. I started to notice when picking up some of the tiles
      that the backing was wet and the concrete underneath the tile was wet.

      I talked with the mfc of the tile, and they recommended me to buy concrete

      What do you think?

    • gaye mayles:

      Thanks will give it a shot.
      Hi from Melbourne

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