How To Install Vinyl Flooring

Shannon from shows you how to install vinyl flooring. Typically you will find this type of flooring in bathrooms, …

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    12 Responses to “How To Install Vinyl Flooring”

    • anthonydim15:

      is vinyl like a cheap option to do flooring? I believe it peels easy over
      time due to water or something else..

    • Christopher Arksey:

      NOOOOOOOOO Vinyl flooring is the first thing people look to rip up and
      replace with tile. I’ve just ripped up two areas in my house now. They
      staple a 1/4″ board and vinyl to that….but there are like 200 staples in
      a 8×5 room…that you have to either pull up or hammer in if you want to
      put ceramic in place of it.

      To me vinyl flooring and wall paper belong in the same category…looks
      cheap and takes away value from the house because buyer look at it as work
      to replace.

    • Maxid1:

      I’ve had some experience with the thinner perimeter glued sheet product. In
      a desert climate where it gets really hot and really cold, that will cause
      it to pucker and bubble up, even if the original installation laid flat. We
      had to go in and glue it all down.
      If you have a really fat dog you can drag him around on the floor to get
      the air bubbles out. They really seem to like that…

    • KingFume:

      Do you install Bay, Bow Windows. Replacement that is. I’d like to see how
      you install them.

    • cruzito77:

      Nice video….i just did my bathroom and used Allure tiles from that Home
      store. Keep up the great vids. Want to see how that room ends up looking.

    • cruzito77:

      Why the huge gap between the bathtub and drywall?

    • Jeremy Burrus:

      We use Dependable skimcoat/patch. Its latex based and dries super quick.
      That said ive done hundreds of vinyl jobs with cement based patch and never
      have a problem. There are some glues that don’t react well with luan, but
      thats got nothing to do with the patch

    • AccordBass12:

      You should do a baseboard and vanity video for this bathroom.

    • Richard Cowtails:

      I typically get a large piece of white paper. make measurements of
      perimeter. add 2 to 3 inches on each side measured. cut to fit

    • seephor:

      Noooo. All that hard prep work for vinyl flooring!!?? ughhhh. Install 1/4
      cement board and tile it! it’s not that much more expensive, especially
      since you have such a small area.

    • Serj Prihodko:

      Thank you Shannon !

    • David Harris:

      Great Job. I usually use the pattern method with rolls of paper but beyond
      that we do it the same way.

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