How To Install Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Floors

Learn how to lay ceramic tile flooring yourself with this how-to video from Lowe’s. Read more about porcelain and ceramic tile installation on htt…

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    23 Responses to “How To Install Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Floors”

    • Steven Ahern:

      [From the description] “we are using standard 12 foot x 12 foot tiles”
      DANG. Those are some big-ass tiles.

    • redhotsweetpotatoe:

      When I click on the link to watch the “lay the foundation….” video, it
      says the video is “private”.

    • gallomagno1993:

      Adoro estos videos

    • Lawana Mize:

      Lowe’s is OUR store!

    • bhamdamnnearfresh2 .:

      nice now im ready david #thanks lowes

    • bathroomfittersurrey:

      Great stuff guys, really enjoy your channel.

    • mike billy:

      2 thumbs up

    • evie5567:

      do I have to put that backer board on a slab foundation?

    • Lowe's Home Improvement:

      Slab foundations do not require backerboard. Make sure your slab is level
      and in good condition. Otherwise, use a filler to level it. Thanks for
      watching our videos! Lowe’s

    • branty1uk:

      The best tiling video for a DIYer on youtube.

    • bigvirgotube:

      I wish I’d taken the plunge and tried this. Just paid a guy $1500 to do a
      25 square bathroom–well, wife did; it was her pet project. There were a
      few things he did to the subfloor around the toilet drainage pipe, but I
      think she paid too much.

    • diymostthings:

      Very poor advice. the key is to make the tiles stick properly – so what
      does he do? Puts more adhesive on! The main causes of lack of adhesion are
      dust on the back of the tiles through the manufacturing process or less
      commonly dust on the substrate- remove this with a damp sponge and allow to
      dry. For added security of bond, brush dlluted (70/30 PVA/water) PVA
      solution on the back tile surface and allow to dry before fixing. No neeed
      to line the floor for a flat surface – adjust glue thickness!

    • TuboEspectador:

      Stop selling!!!!!!!!! Show the freaking steps!!!!!

    • branty1uk:

      Did he do a good job?

    • bigvirgotube:

      Reasonably good, but he charged twice for the cost of labor. The area was
      5×5–with supplies–that we bought–it should’ve been no more than
      $700-$750. He also had us buy a trowel–which he promptly took with him.

    • bigvirgotube:

      Interesting take–and in all seriousness–if you have good DIY knowledge,
      you should also do a few vids of your projects. Hey, we n00bs need all the
      assistance we can get!

    • lbailey2705:

      good video. you will be waxin some ass in that kitchen in no time pony boy!

    • LibertyFreedom1787:

      I believe if he just back buttered the tiles he wouldn’t have to randomly
      pull up tiles to find there was hardly any bond.

    • Nick Scatterday:

      Most of it was good except for the thinset way to thick it needed more
      water. Also I just back butter every tile so u never have to worry about

    • revren mane:

      Nice shyt

    • IQTheQuiz:

      Lowes sucks at installations

    • Brenda Fuertes:

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