How to install laminate flooring without room transitions

Show you how to install laminate floor to float throughout the whole house with no room transitions or seams. How to lay against instructions as one piece fl…

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    • Jason Tarr:

      Thanks for your video. I had one room half done because I was unsure how I
      was going to get around the wall and go backwards into another room. I
      thought I could only go forward so I was about to buy a bunch of
      T-mouldings to divide the spaces because as you mentioned it is next to
      impossible to build both rooms forward and meet perfectly after a wall. I
      attempted to put the laminate together backwards and it worked just as
      easily as going forward. I will now lay out a row or two across to the
      second space, and work backwards!

    • Robert Barto:

      How is the floor now that its been installed for a little bit. 

    • Landon Goss:

      Thank you for the video. Just confirmed what I’ve been doing

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