How To Install Hardwood Flooring

Shannon from shows you how to install hardwood flooring. This is a popular DIY project that can i…

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    15 Responses to “How To Install Hardwood Flooring”

    • anTkUbExx:

      Great video!

    • seephor:

      Great video. Is it possible to get the wall color code/brand. Looks very

    • Cheesus Chrust:

      i miss doing finish carpentry so much. great stuff shannon

    • GunsHarleysUSA:

      A real helpful video, just in time….Thanks Shannon.

    • OTC:

      Shannon, great video on how to do these wood floors. Shannon, when y’all
      get done with that house, I would like to see a tour of the before and
      after. The house is looking great man, keep up the good work!

    • ds99:

      I’ll definitely be saving this when the time comes to do my upstairs.

    • Liang Zhao:

      Great video as usaul! I love to watch your videos, you put a lots of detail
      in it, make people understanding so much better! Thanks Shannon !

    • Nicolas Duchaine:

      Fantastic educational video

    • manofcraft:

      Will you recommend bostich nailer?

    • Dave Frizzell:

      Great video! How do you install hardwood on a concrete surface, like in a

    • Eli Colner:

      pretty floor

    • Herberth Solorzano:

      Great video sir. I learned a lot and would totally use your videos for

    • BjornRandom:

      is there any reason why you have that paper underneath the new floor?

    • BAMAgeek:

      great video and information as always, Shannon.

      when we did our house with new flooring, we bought a dremel multi-max
      oscillating tool kit to cut the bottoms of the door jambs. it has a pretty
      thin blade and cuts pretty quickly. obviously there’s nothing wrong with
      using a recip-saw, but i saw it in the store and just had to get it since i
      knew i would use it right away. plus it has come in handy on other projects.

      again, great vid and info. keep ’em coming.

    • mizzou192003:

      Great video!

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