How To Grind and Polish Concrete

Video by Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. How to remove an epoxy coating from a slab of concrete and then polish to 3000 grit. We used a Terrco 701 grinder/polish…

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    • crzyengr:

      I agree about the music. This is probably the 4th or 5th video I have seen about DIY projects where the instructions are more important than the background music.

    • acrazedmaniac:

      ya, please cut the music!

    • viper8red:

      It’s beautiful but as a homeowner what would this cost me? Sounds like a hellish amount of work to do on your own.

    • 20xingyi:

      floor polishing machine
      We are professional manufacturer of polishing machine for polishing concrete, marble, granite, and man-made stone and so on. Any problems,Kindly contact me at any time.

    • gapstone:

      Thanks for the video! I am acctually getting ready to purchase a floor grinder for a big shop that needs a re-stored floor. Your video helped me understand what I need to do.

    • benjaminberman1:

      take out the stupid music, detracts from your video!

    • Jorge Cordova:


    • MrBlazers52:

      Been doing the process for years …. Check us out @ C4 Coatings …

      Nice work guys !!!

      Go Blazers .

    • MelbHusTLA:

      This is awesome

    • polishedconcreter:

      Very slick work that is so impressive

    • rpn000rpnca:

      Could I use the angle ginder method to clean up a small section of concrete floor(5 x 5 foot) in preparation for new vinyl flooring? It has a mixture of hard to remove adhesives. I think somebody even used tar on it.

    • ReDiToo:

      Yes, you can.

    • Wilsom Thomas:

      This is a great video with interesting comments, I really enjoyed watching it. I must say that the subject matter is well discussed and I will definitely coming back for more. I’m gonna bookmark and share this to my friends. Thank you for this!

    • seandaniels0001:

      Wow…its been a long time since I seen that floor….I just want to give thanks to john and clint from reliable for putting on that very helpful educational demonstration there at champions shop that day…the floor was fantastic..

    • derrick94544:

      Pay me $10,000 I’ll come work for you for a month and train you and all your guys to polish correctly and faster.. Throw that machine away for starters.

    • creativelemon:

      is there a way you can have written instruction for this. I have to polish my floor. and what confuses me the most is post prep for staining. I am located in toronto and i am not have luck finding someone to do this for me?

    • Lee Bristow:

      Kinda cocky, aren’t you derrick94544? Why don’t you post your own video and show everyone how it’s done?

    • Derrick Tally:

      I’m sorry it was very rude.. I’m a little proud of my work, I love polishing. And I will post a video prolly something time lapsed. I’m not going to even try to teach people with a video, hands on is the way to go a video is very limited

    • dbinpvdbinpv:

      if not the Terrco 701 grinder/polisher, then what would you use and why?

    • Tom Downard:

      After the first polishing, what would you think of using a high end ceramic like Bona Floor Finish with Ceramic in it, that is gauranteed for millions of feet to walk over, and if it doesn’t hold up, Bona will redo your floor for free?

    • Tom Downard:

      Yes, I am also interested in derrick94544 which is close to me, to pick up the challenge and show how he would do it. Since we are practiacly neahbors, give me the address of a job he has done and compare quality. It is always easy to put down others work when you have none of your own to show.

    • rmbauman42:

      You want hard concrete to polish, go to Florida. It’s all a bunch of sand and seashells.

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