How to clean olive oil off my hardwood floor?

Long story short, I spilled a bunch of olive oil all over my hardwood floor. How do I clean it up so my floor isn’t all slippery, I know water won’t help much here.

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  • Alan:

    Wipe up as much as you can with dry cloths. Then clean the rest with a mild soap and water mix. Don’t get it too wet, though. Give it one final wipe-down with clean water and then dry thoroughly.

  • dianne b:

    First you should take some paper towel to remove the excess oil, then spray the area with Murphy’s wood oil soap or all purpose cleaner then rinse thoroughly and wipe it with a soft cloth to dry it.

  • Running Rooster:

    Just polish it with clean cloth and hot water then if that isn’t working then buy some detergent and polish to get the slippery on your hardwood floor.

  • Charles:

    The best way to clean up the olive oil is to wipe up the excess with a rag. After this you should clean your hardwood floor with a Bona hardwood cleaning product. You can find them at any hardwood retailer or online at or various sources. Bona is the godl standard in hardwood flooring cleaning products. Do not use murphy’s oil or orange glow as these will leave a residue on your floor.

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