How do you get polyurethane off of your hands?

I was working with wood and I had to polyurethane it, but I didn’t have gloves.

Now my hands are all sticky, and dirty

Is there a way to get it off? Water doesn’t really work.
I heard mineral spirits work, but I don’t have that at my house.

Would veggie oil work? or olive oil?

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  • Osbaldistone:

    Polyurethane is oil based. Any solvent will work, all though Acetone would not be on my list of favorites.

    Nail polish remover, lighter fluid, gas, paint thinner… like that.

    I don’t think any cooking oil would work. although I have had some limited success with dish washing detergent – it will at least cut down the stickiness so you can drive to the hardware store for paint thinner.

    Oh, yeah – gojo or other mechanics hand cleaner will work – it cuts gease and oil. Also carb cleaner – but you had better have some lotion to follow that up with.

    One more idea: I bet aresol hairspray would work. As would aresol oven cleaner – but that would sting.

    I bet your keyboard is a mess!

  • IVY:

    Nail polish if not you might try gas. Good luck!

  • skins fan:


  • DAVE W:

    Mineral spirits is recommended but acetone and lacquer thinner will too also, try WD40.

  • Daddy of 5:

    Mineral Spirits. That’s what all my hardwood floor installers use.

  • united9198:

    Use a friction based soap like Lava or automotive handcleaner with grit. If you don’t have any, add some scrubbing cleanser to regular soap.

  • carriegreen13:

    mineral spirits will work when the glues wet a pumice stone will help after its dry

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