How do you fix rough spots on your wooden floors?

I just moved into a house, it is an older house and parts of the wooden floor are rough looking, in some places almost white, how can I make them shine like the rest of the floor without spending an excessive amount of money?

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  • briandoogan13:

    you’ll need to rent out a good sander and sand down the floors, then once they’re sanded varnish them afterwards put on a lighter pad of sandpaper (because when you varnish sanded floor little ‘hairs’ of wood stand up with the varnish) and sand it down again with the lighter grade paper, varnish again and repeat as many times as nessicary each time going down to a lighter grade, finally once you no longer feel these rough parts put another coat of varnish on the floor and give it a run over with a floor buffer and the floor will shine….you can rent both these machines out and they are not that hard to use, but it is a very time consuming job because you will HAVE to do the entire floor otherwise you will be able to see the patches. depending on the size of the floor you may be looking at 2 or 3 days or work to get it perfect

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