How a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner works

This is a clip from Deconstructed showing the disassembly of a robot floor vacuum cleaner. The host takes the device apart and shows you how it works.

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    • Dan Frederiksen:

      worthy of nasa tv. and that means awful childish hype. and they didn’t talk
      about the cleaning mechanisms, how awful a job it does, how aimless it goes
      about etc

    • don4of4:

      This was poorly written. It repeats it’s self 5 times…

    • inkrize:

      I think this robot was designed to help people, and… To use infrared,
      invisible lights to SEE! I have iRobot Roomba 561, but in this programm you
      can see iRobot Scooba!

    • Lowaza:

      I have the roomba 560 model, and always wondered why it can’t go over black

    • burnsy96:

      “it avoids crashing into stuff” wtf? if it didn’t crash into stuff it
      wouldn’t need/use the bumpers! stupid… =/

    • Mohamed Hussein:

    • Etlon Singh:

      its the scooba

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