Hardwood Floor Refinishing Made Easy By Mr Sandless

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    2 Responses to “Hardwood Floor Refinishing Made Easy By Mr Sandless”

    • RangerDick81:

      I love how all of mr sandless’s vids have disabled comments. To many real floor finishers like me out there to call your bluff and tell the truth about this joke you call mr sandless

    • MrSandless:

      Hey Dick, the comments are disabled so that unintelligent people like you who poison themselves, the environment and risk their client’s health can’t post supposed superior comments about a system that is antiquated and being replaced by a far superior system. The only reason you call it a joke is because you don’t understand it and your fear it. I just wonder why, if sanding is so dang superior, why is it then that so very many people choose this company over sanding. Why Dick?

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