Great Video Part 2: Casting a Part With Polyurethane

Welcome to Part 2 of BJB’s Mold and Part Making Video Series! Using simple methods developed over decades in Casting, Rapid Prototyping, Movies, DIY & much m…

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    3 Responses to “Great Video Part 2: Casting a Part With Polyurethane”

    • Artistic Kamen Rider:

      Yes, I’ve been waiting for this video. I love these tutorials.

    • Ashley Marie:

      This is so helpful! I’ll be making my first mold soon and this series is
      just what I was looking for! Also, love the guy trying to find the right
      materials around 11 minutes. Ax? No, Gun? Nah. Scissors? Yea, that’ll

    • Rick Higgins:

      At 8:23… you misspelled pressure…

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