Funny Dogs Sliding on Wood Floors Compilation 2013 [NEW HD]

Dogs Slide on Slippery Floors | Dogs Slipping on Floors | Dogs Sliding on Floors | Dogs Running on Wood Floors | Dogs Sliding on Wood Floors | Dogs Run and S…

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    • carly beales:

      Silliest thing to encourage. I see so many dogs with cruciate ligament
      tears bevause of this behavior that is encouraged. Its not so funny when
      your dog needs nylon implants to one or BOTH knees. £2000 operation. 2
      months cage rest requiring sling harness to help dog move to use
      bathroom..then hydrotherapy each week for months to restore function and
      get back muscle lost during cage rest. This is garenteed to induce
      arthritis into the knee joints that have had to be opened up for the
      repair. YOUVE BEN WARNED. You’ll end up with a injured dog and a hefty bill
      costing anyrhing from £3,000 upwards.

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