Fix Grout Cracks with Epoxy Grout!

This channel is to help the do-it-yourselfer get a clear understanding of how to perform tile repairs, installations, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks f…

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    4 Responses to “Fix Grout Cracks with Epoxy Grout!”

    • ceramictilepro:
    • I Greene:

      Very informative. Thank you!

    • Michael Marcus:

      Excellent video showing you a common problem in the shower stall with a
      very detailed demonstration on how to use epoxy grout excellent excellent

    • Richard Britt:

      How well do you think this system will handle walking area traffic? I have
      tile in front of my sink that I can not keep from cracking. Have patched it
      twice. What is your thoughts on chipping and hairline cracks?

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