Filling cracks in wood floor

This is a timelapse of how i filled the cracks in an old wood floor that i found under a plastic one in my kitchen. For the narwhals!

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    • CarolineLN:

      Glad to see how you did this. We’re aiming to do this to our floors, so
      seeing how you masked first, and then used a filling gun really helped.
      What did you use to fill with?

    • dlints1:

      I was looking for help on how to fill the gaps in my old barn wood floors
      and this was not helpful, I don’t know why you taped it and what you filled
      it with? would of been nice if you gave some explanation here.

    • MissIvyCakes:

      Yeah. What did you use to fill it with?

    • ricards egle:

      does anybody knows music masters in video! yeah good job, i,ve done it too

    • DiGiTaLdAzEDM:

      That was a waste of 2 minutes.

    • Bradley Fuller:

      This is not how u repair space in between ur floor boards, u do not fill it
      with what appears to be black caulk, unless u want ur floor to look like
      garbage, consult a profrssional for a job of this nature

    • Jay B:

      I feel like I just got PUNK

    • iLEZtube:

      Have you seen the floor? This is common practice in old houses in Sweden.

    • iLEZtube:

      I taped it to be able to remove the tape and get a straight line when I was
      finished. I used some swedish brand of boat-deck caulking. I’m sorry you
      came here expecting a tutorial and all you got was a blurry timelapse.

    • iLEZtube:

      How did you even end up on this video? And why did you watch all 2 minutes?

    • dorkaval:


    • Jack Brody:

      Dude, awesome video. For those their know their shit no explanation was
      required. I would love to know and see it now when it is finished. If you
      could send me a link or photo would be great. Love the music, love the
      girlfriend hanging out all of it, great job. I suspect that you caulk it
      then finish over top, does the finish stick or peel

    • Gregor Klingman:

      Not informative. No value.

    • lpgft:

      What this ? So I fill gaps with caulk while playing monkey music and
      girlfriend watches ??

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