Fast Finish Rub-Out

Three quick steps to a silky-smooth finish.

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    • Sergyo Peres:


    • lightpasscoop:

      Great simple explanation of how to get a good finish. I have watched many
      videos on the subjuect but none have explained it a simply as you have .
      Well done

    • Sheri Carnevale:

      can you rub out stain that has been applied to thickly

    • RealRuler2112:

      Good video and really makes it seem simple. This may be a silly question,
      but what kind of soap is appropriate for this purpose? Dish soap, hand
      soap, laundry soap, soft soap, dissolved bar soap… Or am I overthinking
      it and it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s lubricative rather than
      abrasive (such as Lava soap)?

    • AmericanWoodworker:

      In the story and this video we use dish soap.

    • mitmaks:

      can you do this with gloss polyurethane?

    • AmericanWoodworker:

      While this method would theoretically have the same effect on satin or
      gloss, complications are likely to arise when lowering the sheen on a gloss
      surface. Any low spots (like pores in oak or minor indentations) will show
      as little shiny spots.

    • lpyt2000:

      It may be me but at 2:10 there’s a voice that says ” I didnt do it “. creepy

    • telosfd:

      Can i spray it with lacquer for better polishing after this?

    • James Powell:

      Thanks. Rubbing out poly can be tricky especially with thin coats.
      Lacquer is much easier to rub out but I do not have that luxury with the
      current piece.

    • Benjamin Lambert:

      Great video. We use a similar technique using Murphy’s Oil Soap. I love how
      you used the felt pad, where in the world do you purchase those? Cheers!

    • jonkari33:


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