Ecofoam Carpet Cleaner Demo 2

The next product in my proposed EcoFoam Line – This is a carpet cleaner that works – My site is at

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    5 Responses to “Ecofoam Carpet Cleaner Demo 2”

    • Robert Murray-Smith:
    • reddkite1:

      can i buy it and if so from where. keep up the good work. reddkite

    • randomlettersqzkebkw:

      i think the reason companies inventing cleaning agents go for the dangerous
      chemicals is because it hard to replicate? But if you came up with some so
      simple yet safe and powerful, that makes me think they have the ability to
      do that as well, but just refuse to do so

    • K9JT:

      Robert, I love your attitude. Your hard work is paying off and I can say
      without a doubt that you have helped inspire a chain of events that will
      lead to even greater things, for you and the rest of the world. Just keep
      doing what you do, you’re making more of an impact than you know :-)

    • Martin Williams:

      I have a bissel carpet cleaner and wondered if ecofoam would be ok to use
      with it?

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