Ecofoam Carpet Cleaner Demo 1

The next product in my proposed EcoFoam Line – This is a carpet cleaner that works – My site is at

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    • Robert Murray-Smith:
    • Zerkbern:

      Wow. Looks great! My family has been using your hand cleaner for a couple
      of weeks now and I must say it is wonderful. As you said, it works great
      ALL BY ITSELF without even using water, which is great for a washup in my
      garage where I have no sink.

      We keep a foamer by the kitchen sink for routine hand washing.

      You sold me, mate, and I’ll be having a go at the carpet cleaner as well.

      Cheers from the USA,


    • Zerkbern:

      PS: Link to your shop? (I should have bookmarked it. Ugh.)

    • Fred Gandt:

      HOLY SH*T!!
      I literally burst out laughing when you started scrubbing!!
      That’s truly amazing O.O
      As you say *”A cleaner that actually works”* :-)

    • roidroid:

      This could replace the chemicals that wet vacuum cleaners use (eg: Vax).
      Much more healthy

    • randomlettersqzkebkw:

      lol laughter indeed is contagious

    • DatEstonianGuy:

      Robert is so happy :D

    • K9JT:

      “…actually cleans your carpet without dissolving it!” Haha, love it!

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